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Credit Reports can be confusing. Our Top 10 Free Credit Reports experts are committed to making the process easier to understand. Discover the ways to help build strong credit, protect yourself against fraud and how to better understand you credit score in one of our helpful articles below.

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What is the Purpose of a Credit Score?

Your level of perceived credit risk in the eyes of lenders is reflected by your credit score. A higher number suggests a lower level of credit risk. Your credit score is generated statically from...

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Mapping the History of Credit Scores

On the surface, the history of credit scores may not seem to be all that interesting. However, for consumers seeking to boost their attractiveness to lenders for a home or car loan, understanding...

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How to Order a Free Credit Report

If you've never ordered a free credit report previously, you may be a bit uncertain of how to proceed in acquiring this valuable documentation. Don't fret, though, accessing your free credit report...

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How to Better Understand Your Credit Report

You may think that your credit report is just another boring piece of information that you'll never have to worry about. However, this report can make all the difference in how well you live your...

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Free Versus Paid Credit Reports

By law, every American citizen is eligible to receive one free credit report per year from the major reporting agencies such as TransUnion, Experian or Equifax. However, if you need another one...

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