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Company Overview

CreditReport123 really provides members with a lot of helpful information. Starting with the combined 3-in-1 credit report and three bureau scores (calculated according to the Credit Xpert method), you will be able to understand your information. Everything is presented in plain English and you receive ongoing monitoring and professional help to guide you through any situations of fraud or dispute resolutions. There is also unlimited access to toll-free customer service and up to $20,000 in identity theft insurance.

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Credit Monitoring Reports and Scores

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If you don't know what's in your credit report, than you this membership from CreditReport123. You will receive a combined report which shows data collected from each of the three major credit bureaus, along with your three calculated credit scores. The report is very comprehensive and easy to read and understand, with analysis to show what factors affect your credit (and how). There are even tips for improvement.

Monitoring of your credit reports at all three bureaus is also included. If there are any changes including inquiries, new accounts being applied for or opened, new credit granted, etc., you will receive a prompt alert via text or email. This allows you to stay updated and respond promptly to any situation. Plus, full advice and help is offered, giving you access to credit and restoration experts and up to $20,000 in identity theft insurance (check for details and limitations).

Identity Theft Protection

The basic idea behind using a credit report service for identity theft protection is for it to be more of a preventative measure. You will find that the CreditReport123 site does give you plenty of tools to help in this area. Even something as simple as knowing what's in your credit reports and having some tips for improving those scores is helpful.

Monitoring is also a piece of the puzzle. By using this protection service, your accounts will be monitored by some of the most technologically advanced systems around the clock. And if there are any changes noticed, you will receive an immediate alert in the form of a text or email notification.

You will also have the knowledge to help protect yourself from identity theft. With tons of articles, guides, and other tips the education offered here is priceless. Plus, you will receive up to $20,000 in identity theft insurance. Additionally, you can call a toll-free phone number to speak with credit and restoration experts to walk you through the process.

Sign Up Process

While you will need to hand over some personally identifiable and sensitive information (like your social security number) when enrolling in this service, the site is very secure. CreditReport123 uses full data encryption technology to ensure your information is transmitted and handled safely. The process of registering for your trial account only takes a few minutes. Fill in your information and then follow along with on-screen instructions for confirming your identity.

You will also need to determine which method of payment to use for your trial and membership, should you choose to continue. Once enrolled, you will be granted full access to the site and be able to see your combined report and three calculated credit scores. Just remember that you will have a full 30 days to check out everything on the site, establish some alerts, and get a feel for how easy everything is to use.

Pricing Concerns

You receive lots of value with the basic trial offered at CreditReport123. In fact, you will be able to access all portions of the site for a full 30 days, for just a $1. Even after your trial ends, your monthly membership renews for just $18.99 every 30 days. This is also among the lowest prices in the credit report and help industry. Of course, all the member extras are included, which make this a great deal.

Trial Offer $1.00 for 30-Day Trial
Monthly Price $18.99

Customer Support

The easiest way to find about customer support at CreditReport123 is to click on the Contact Us button on the main site. You will then see all contact details displayed, from their email address, right down to a physical address. Sending an email to ask a question is possible, but it can take a day or two to receive a reply. On the other hand, the toll-free phone support is easy...and very fast. Agents are helpful and very knowledgeable.

Bottom Line

CreditReport123 is a nice place for those wanting a bit of help to manage their credit. The report is very clear and offers lots of good, practical information. The site also has a lot of extra tools including a credit planner to show how different actions might impact your credit score and situation. Plus, the trial is among the longest in the industry.

Contact Information:

Customer Service PO Box 222455

Chantilly, VA 20153-2455

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Credit scores are provided by CreditXpert based on data from the credit reporting bureaus.
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