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Company Overview

It is a fact that credit scores can vary widely, which is one the reasons why Fast3CreditScores offers members their combined credit report along with all three of their credit bureau scores. This report, which aggregates the data found in the three bureaus, is prepared by CreditXpert, one of the longest standing companies in this industry. Not only that, but new prospects will receive a 14-day trial of this service, which also includes a number of easy to use and understand tools and resources that can help you with virtually any credit situation or issue.

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Credit Monitoring Reports and Scores

  Equifax Experian TransUnion
Scores Provided X X X
Reports Provided X X X


Your initial trial offers access to your combined credit report along with the three bureau scores to give an accurate sense of your credit situation. Plus, you get daily monitoring and 24/7 automated alerts should there be changes like inquiries, certain derogatory information, or new accounts. The alerts can be sent to you via text (SMS) or email messages to keep you immediately informed. Plus, each of your credit scores will be updated on a monthly basis. You will even have access to a credit information hotline.

There is a pretty strong variety of additional tools and helps at this site. For example, you will also receive access to the credit information hotline, which will put you in touch will people to guide you to whatever information you need. Then, there are the identity fraud support services, to guide you through any identity theft type of situation with accurate and helpful resources, including access to recovery professionals.

Identity Theft Protection

One of the biggest concerns about managing your credit today is having your identity stolen. Fast3CreditScores comes to the rescue by ensuring you will have all the tools and resources to protect against this problem, and to fight back should it still occur. This all starts with the basic monitoring service, updated on a daily basis using some very advanced technology. This includes keeping an eye on not only your credit files for new accounts and inquiries (which is where many companies stop), but also watching public records, other accounts, and even address changes that have been made.

The site has articles and helpful information to provide education about ways to avoid and protect yourself against identity theft. Plus, you will be given access to the credit information hotline, where you can actually interact with credit specialists. Be sure to also check out the identity fraud support services, which will put you in contact with recovery experts to guide you through the process of getting back on your feet after identity theft has occurred.

Sign Up Process

Joining the Fast3CreditScores websites in order to gain access to your free combined report and three credit scores is pretty similar to other sites in this industry. It is about a four step process that combines entering your personal information with various steps and stages of identity confirmation and verification. You begin by completing an online form, then confirm your email address. Next, there is more information and answering some questions based on real information actually pulled from your credit reports.

The final step is to arrange payment. This initial trial is only $1 and lasts for 14-days. You will then have immediate access to your combined report and credit scores. You can even troll around on the site to examine and use as many of the tools and articles as you like. Everything seems more than fair with this trial.

Pricing Concerns

Upon registration, you will receive a 14-day trial for just a $1 payment. After this time period has expired, your membership will convert into a monthly billing cycle for just $24.99 each month. This will include all the services and resources mentioned above, including those hotlines and access to credit and identity restoration experts. Plus the articles and extra information that is regularly posted to the online site regarding a broad spectrum of credit and financial issues.

Trial Offer $1.00 for 14-Day Trial
Monthly Price $24.99

Customer Support

While support is provided by Fast3CreditScores, this is pretty much meant to be a hands-off, do it yourself type of website. In other words, the credit report is very clear and understandable and so are the tips and helps. Nevertheless, you can send the company an email. However, you will find the fastest customer service response to be when you call their toll free 800 number. There are several guides and articles online that can pretty much take care of all your questions.

Bottom Line

You will find the interface at Fast3CreditScores to be very user friendly and the report offered is easy to understand. The monitoring and additional tools and resources are easy to set up and consume. Perhaps the access to the credit hotline for basic help and identity theft restoration experts is almost worth the membership fee by itself. However, the pricing is slightly on the high side and the automatic renewal can be a bit of an issue for some. Overall, a decent program.

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