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Company Overview

FreeCreditScore is a comprehensive credit report, monitoring and identity theft protection service. You will be able to see your credit reports and scores from all three major credit bureaus. Additionally, you will receive credit monitoring so you can be alerted if any suspicious activity or errors are found on your credit report. Plus, FreeCreditScore will provide you with additional identity theft protection as well as fraud resolution assistance if needed. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has reviewed and accredited this credit reporting service.

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Credit Monitoring Reports and Scores

  Equifax Experian TransUnion
Scores Provided X X X
Reports Provided X X X


When you opt for a 7-day trial at FreeCreditScore, you will receive your Experian credit report and score. This service will also provide you with an interactive graph so you can see your credit history and how it has changed over time. If you become a full member, you will have access to even more features including your tri-bureau credit reports and scores. These reports have simple explanations so you can better understand your credit score and learn how to improve it.

A full membership also comes with credit monitoring which will scan your credit reports for any unusual activity. If any suspicious activity or possible discrepancies are found in your report, you will receive an alert so you can promptly act to resolve the issues. Full members will also receive a monthly credit statement which details all activity on your credit report for the month. You can see how your report changes, how much credit you are using and much more with these helpful monthly statements.

Identity Theft Protection

FreeCreditScore also features an identity theft protection service for all of its members. With this service, your personal information will be monitored and if there is any suspicious activity you will be notified immediately. This can help prevent identity theft before it even begins. However, if you are a victim of identity theft, you will be able to speak with a professional fraud resolution specialist who will help you restore your identity. This identity theft protection service also comes with a $50,000 product guarantee, should you become a victim.

Sign Up Process

FreeCreditScore makes it easy for you to register. There are just a few simple steps involved in the registration process and in less than 1 minute you will be able to see your credit score and enjoy unfettered access to your credit report. There is nothing complicated about the registration process; it is user-friendly and you will be given clear instructions about completing it. The 7-day trial at FreeCreditScore is free and after the trial period has passed you will be charged a membership fee.

Pricing Concerns

All new customers will receive a 7-day free trial which includes their Experian credit report and score. For access to your tri-bureau credit report, identity theft protection and credit monitoring you will need to become a full member. You will automatically be charged the full monthly membership fee after your 7-day free trial has lapsed, unless you cancel.

Trial Offer 7-Day Free Trial
Monthly Price $12.99

Customer Support

You can reach customer service by telephone, Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST, and Saturday through Sunday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST. There are also a wide range of resources available to help you learn more about important credit-related topics. Other resources include a score planner, financial calculators, glossary of terms and frequently asked questions. All of these resources can help you improve, protect and understand your credit score.

Bottom Line

FreeCreditScore has many great features for a fairly low monthly price. In addition to your credit report, you will receive monitoring, alerts and identity theft protection – all of which are valuable services. The 7-day free trial only gives you access to your Experian credit report and score but you can always upgrade to access the full amount of features. If you need any further assistance, the agents are responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Overall, FreeCreditScore offers a complete credit report package.

Contact Information:

475 Anton Blvd.

Costa, Mesa, CA 92626

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