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Company Overview

FreeScoreOnline is a relative newcomer to the credit management and monitoring industry. However, they are actually owned by ScoreSense, one of the most well-respected companies and providers in the industry. You will appreciate the openness, with all of the information regarding their $1, 7-day trial at the top of the site. There is even a toll-free phone number listed. Plus, they even display their security seals from VeriSign and McAfee to help put your mind at ease.

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Credit Monitoring Reports and Scores

  Equifax Experian TransUnion
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As is the case with most of the sites in this online space, FreeScoreOnline offers you a combined credit report along with your actual scores from each bureau. They then provide some guidance as to what these numbers mean, where you are positioned in terms of national averages, and even offer some helpful guidance and tips about areas of improvement.

You will also be given a lot of additional information inside the member's area. This includes extra reports and guides aimed at helping you learn about and work your way through any potential credit problems like identity theft, fraud, and even incorrect information being listed on your reports. Your ongoing membership (after the trial ends) will even include 24/7 monitoring in order to help you stay on top of any new movements in your credit report.

Identity Theft Protection

The main thing to remember about identity theft is that you would much rather avoid this situation than catch it too late and have to try and repair the damage. This is the main purpose of having a service that offers round the clock credit monitoring like FreeScoreOnline. The idea here is that as soon as you an alert for something you haven't done or requested, investigate and then take the proper steps to resolve the situation.

You will have access to a lot of information that helps for understanding exactly what to do in situations involving identity theft. Plus, there are some actual professionals available to you that can help provide additional information. It is always nice to have options, and this service offers you plenty.

Sign Up Process

Signing up for the membership, or even to simply gain access to your combined score report (plus each of the three bureau scores), is a four step process. This is also very transparent and laid out right in front of you on their website. Complete, confirm, verify, and view.

Complete the personal and basic information requested by the online form. This is simply to get the process started and provide several layers of verification. You will confirm all of this by clicking the link in the email they send to you. From here, finish the personal information section and then answer a few multiple choice question culled from data on your actual credit reports. The information is then compiled together, you pay for the $1, 7-day trial and receive immediate access to your combined report and scores.

Pricing Concerns

The report provided to you from FreeScoreOnline is very detailed and clear. There are even tips to help improve your score. Best of all, this will only cost a single dollar and you have 7 full days to view the report. Once the trial period ends, the regular monthly membership begins at the rate of just $29.95. Plus, you will receive access to all of the helpful reports, guides, articles, and professional help and guidance. The 24/7 monitoring and full alerts via SMS and/or email will also take effect.

Trial Offer $1 for 7-Day Trial
Monthly Price $29.95

Customer Support

Support is very quick and readily available here at FreeScoreOnline. The opening page of the site offers you their toll-free number, which is probably the quickest way to reach an agent. Or, you may send them an email by filling out the contact form. Plus, frequently asked questions are available, as are helpful articles, guides, and other types of information on almost every credit topic imaginable.

Bottom Line

Perhaps the best thing about FreeScoreOnline is that it doesn't try to play games. Everything is laid out and you know the offer ahead of time. The report is clear and there is a ton of help available on the site, no matter what your credit issue, or even if you are just looking to learn.

Contact Information:

4447 North Central Expressway

Suite 110 PMB 406

Dallas, Texas 75205

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