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Company Overview

The company behind the FreeScoresAndMore website has been in the credit industry since 1992. They bring all of this experience to the online world and offer new users the chance to access their three credit scores plus a combined 3-in-1 report with aggregated credit information. On top of this, they include daily monitoring and alerts to keep you safe and on top of any potential incidents of fraud or theft. Then there are a ton of extra identity theft protection services, including access to experts who can offer solid advice and assistance should you ever become a victim of this crime.

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Credit Monitoring Reports and Scores

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The trial offered with FreeScoresAndMore gives you immediate access to all three of your credit bureau scores, a great service in itself since these can vary considerably. Plus, there is the 3-in-1 combined report that aggregates your information from all three bureaus. You will find that not only is his report very well organized and easy to understand, but it even includes tips for how to improve your credit situation. It provides detailed explanations as to the factors that both help and hurt your current score.

Improvement and staying informed is the name of the game here. Monitoring is done on a 24/7 basis and alerts you to any new (especially negative) information like new accounts, inquiries, and other data. By the way, the service also has a number of financial calculators and offers the ability to scout various scenarios, seeing how they will likely affect your credit.

Identity Theft Protection

There are a number of services that offer identity theft protection, but FreeScoresAndMore is among the best. In truth, the entire package should really be seen in the light of prevention, since the monitoring is there to alert you in case anything happens. You will have the advice and information to know exactly how to respond, should you become the victim of such fraud. Another cool thing about these services is that they also have the advanced technology to track any applications that might be submitted in your name or social security number (like wireless, retail credit, utilities, bank accounts, etc...), which is often overlooked by other monitoring services.

If you should ever run into an issue, the site is here to help as well. This includes providing you with access to a number of identity theft professionals. These folks can help you assess the situation and then take whatever action is appropriate; they will help you stop the damage and recover as quickly as possible.

Sign Up Process

The registration process at the FreeScoresAndMore website takes just a few minutes to complete and will provide you with immediate access to your three credit scores and aggregated 3-in-1 report. Start by filling out some personal information and then confirm you identity through email and by answering some of the basic questions they ask. Remember this sign up form, and the entire site, is complete safe and uses some of the most advanced security and data encryption technology. In certain cases, you might be asked to call their 800 number to complete the identity verification.

The last step of the process is to make payment for your trial. This is just a $1, but it will grant you nearly full access for two weeks. After looking through your report and scores, feel free to examine each part of the site and all the tools, resources, and information offered.

Pricing Concerns

Once you have registered for the FreeScoresAndMore site, you will immediately have access for your 14-day trial. This will only set you back a $1, and is certainly well worth the investment. Of course, if you do not specifically cancel the membership before your trial ends, the company will begin your regular monthly billing cycle at the price of just $19.99 every 30 days. This gives you full access, including the ability to call credit and identity theft professionals.

Trial Offer $1 for 14-Day Trial
Monthly Price $19.99

Customer Support

The main webpage of FreeScoresAndMore offers users a listing of some helpful frequently asked questions, which is the first method of support. You may also send them an email, although response times can vary tremendously. Probably the best way to reach the company is a direct phone call. If you have a specific question regarding some aspect of identity theft or credit issues, feel free to call some of those support specialists. Then, check out the blog or any of the helpful articles for additional answers.

Bottom Line

One of the more unique items here at FreeScoreAndMore is the blog, full of helpful articles, advice, and information. Plus, the ability to run through different potential scenarios, seeing how they are likely to affect future credit. The report is easy to read and helpful with all the tips and detailed explanations. Plus, the monitoring and identity theft services, including expert help and guidance for recovery, is irreplaceable. One of the better services currently on the market.

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