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MyFreeScoreNow is a credit reporting service that provides you with your credit report and your credit score. Additionally, you will have access to other helpful tools including identity theft protection and educational resources to help you learn more about your credit. As a member, you will receive monthly updates on your credit score so you can see how your credit is changing. One of the best features of MyFreeScoreNow is that there are many different resources that can help you learn about your credit and they can also help you improve your credit, protect against identity theft and much more.

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Credit Monitoring Reports and Scores

  Equifax Experian TransUnion
Scores Provided X X X
Reports Provided X X X


The basic service at MyFreeScoreNow is packed with a variety of top-notch features including access to your tri-bureau credit reports and scores from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. These reports are separated into various sections so you can see a summary of what is affecting your credit score. There are also clear explanations which allow you to determine how best to improve your credit score.

You will also have access to the Score Tracker which will show you how much your credit score has changed from month to month. MyFreeScoreNow will also alert you if any significant changes are found on your credit reports. You will receive these alerts via email so you can react immediately in case there is fraud or an error on your report. Ultimately, this service will help you to protect your identity. Last but not least, MyFreeScoreNow will also notify you if anyone is looking at your credit reports.

Identity Theft Protection

In order to help protect your identity, MyFreeScoreNow provides credit monitoring and alerts. With credit monitoring, your reports will be scanned to look for any significant changes. If any changes are found, you will immediately be alerted via email. The sooner you can find false information or fraud, the less damage will be done to your identity, credit and finances. Besides for credit monitoring, MyFreeScoreNow has in-depth articles about identity theft protection. These articles will help you learn how to better protect your identity and will also discuss other important identity theft-related topics.

Sign Up Process

It is not difficult to sign up for the services at MyFreeScoreNow. There are several simple steps you need to follow but the entire registration process can be completed in one minute or less. First, you will be asked for some basic information including address, name and telephone number. Next, you will need to enter some additional information as well as a payment method. Once you have made your payment you will have access to your credit report and score. New members will receive a 7-day free trial after which they will be charged the monthly subscription fee.

Pricing Concerns

As mentioned earlier, new members get a free 7-day trial. This free trial gives you access to your credit reports as well as the credit monitoring service at MyFreeScoreNow. You can choose to cancel before your 7-day free trial is up to avoid the monthly membership charge. If you do not cancel, you will be charged $29.95 once your free trial is over.

Trial Offer 7-Day Free Trial
Monthly Price $29.95

Customer Support

For your convenience, MyFreeScoreNow has a helpful FAQ section which can answer most of the questions you have about the available services. You can also contact a professional customer support representative via telephone if you need to speak with someone directly. In addition, MyFreeScoreNow has a blog and a wide range of helpful articles that discuss important financial and credit-related topics.

Bottom Line

MyFreeScoreNow provides you with all three of your credit reports and scores as well as credit monitoring and alerts. Unfortunately, there are no other identity theft protection services available. What MyFreeScoreNow lacks in identity theft protection it makes up for through its wealth of educational resources that can help you protect and improve your credit score.

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