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MyScore is an all-in-one approach to credit management and protection. The company is relatively new although they do have a number of positive reviews already. The big draw is the ability to actually have that 3-in-1 credit report along with your actual scores from each of the big three bureaus. There are actually tons of additional articles, guides, and helpful services that can really get you on the right path toward managing your credit and financial life. Everything here is also easy to read and understand; very clear instructions and directions as well.

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Credit Monitoring Reports and Scores

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The flagship product offered from MyScore is your 3-in-1 credit report. This is a report that combines information from all three of credit files at the major bureaus. You will see your actual scores at each place and given information about what those numbers mean (excellent, good, average, poor credit rating). This report is not only very comprehensive, but it is also quite easy to read and understand.

After your initial trial is over, there is an ongoing credit monitoring service. This can provide you with alerts (sent to either your email or by text SMS message) anytime there is a change in one of your reports/files. You will also find the learning center section of the member's site to be very helpful, full of articles and guides about what to do should anything like identity theft occur. There are also licensed specialists who are available to help in such situations.

Identity Theft Protection

Should your 24/7 credit monitoring point in the direction of any type of fraud or identity theft occurring, you will have some help. For starters, there is already a ton of information on the site about how to protect yourself in such circumstances. You will also have access to licensed specialist that can help guide you through the recovery process.

Part of why identity theft can be so devastating to many people is simply because they don't realize it until things have already gotten out of hand and the damage has been done. The whole point of this service is to use the monitoring and other resources to stay on top of your credit. Then, you can catch anything before it becomes a big problem.

Sign Up Process

The sign up process new members undergo why joining the MyScore site is pretty basic and similar to other sites within this industry. Namely, you will need to start by completing a short page with some personal information. You will be sent an email and asked to verify by clicking on the link within the message.

After this is confirmed, you will enter more specific information, including your social security number. At this point, the website will actually go out to the three credit bureaus and grab your reports and information, which is used to present you with several multiple choice questions to answer (as an additional identity confirmation step). All of this is for your own protection. Finally, pay for the $1, 7-day trial and you can see your 3-in-1 report and scores.

Pricing Concerns

The basic offer is pretty standard: $1 for a 7-day trial, after which the monthly membership automatically kicks in to the tune of $29.95. Your report is accurate, clear, and easy to read. The ability to access all of the articles and guide information is probably worth the price of admission alone. However, you also get access to the ongoing monitoring, alerts, and even a credit fraud consultation session.

Trial Offer $1 for 7-Day Trial
Monthly Price $29.95

Customer Support

If you would like support, it is really only a click or a call away. The toll-free telephone line is convenient to use and you can also send the company an email. The agents are friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable. There are also FAQs on the site and tons of articles and guides supplying information about what to do in just about every imaginable credit situation.

Bottom Line

You will appreciate all that MyScore offers very quickly. The site makes it easy to find out your credit scores (all three of them) and learn the type of information in your reports. There are helpful tips and ideas for improving your credit situation along with articles, guides, monitoring, alerts, and even licensed professionals.

Contact Information:

2385 NW Executive Center Drive Suite 100

Boca Raton, FL 33431

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