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The company behind PrivacyGuard has been online for several decades. Perhaps this is why you are going to receive a very solid credit protection service here that starts with receiving a free aggregated credit report, three bureau scores, and a number of helpful tips and advice in a 14-day trial. The service also includes everything you need to stay on top of your credit like monitoring and alerts, along with the information on how to make disputes and what to do should you become the victim of identity theft or other fraud.

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Credit Monitoring Reports and Scores

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The combined report received from PrivacyGuard is very clear and easy to understand; it explains what factors are both hurting and helping your score and gives some tips and advice for improving things. Your three scores are calculated using the Credit Xpert method, which has become the industry standard.

Monitoring is also included along with other tools to help you stay on top of everything. You can establish alerts, which will be sent to you (text or email) should there be any action or changes to your file like opening of new accounts, inquiries, using your social security number in applications. The service even includes scanning the internet for this type of activity. Plus, there are tools and resources that give you all the needed help should you ever need to issue disputes or take action to prevent identity theft, even actual forms to complete and send in to the bureaus.

Identity Theft Protection

There are several different components to the identity protection offered through PrivacyGuard. The company has a large section devoted to identity protection education. In other words, articles, guides, tips, and advice teaching you everything to know about this bad situation—and how to avoid it the first place, or fight it if you must.

You will also find some rather strong protection services. The site even offers up to $1 million in protection insurance (check for the details and limitations). Of course, the monitoring and alert system should go a long way to keeping you from becoming a victim. Beyond that, the site does take the extra step of ensuring your credit and debit cards are protected through internet monitoring of their card numbers (as well as your social security number). Should you ever become the victim of fraud, they also have a team fraud recovery professionals you can talk to on the phone who will guide you through the recovery process.

Sign Up Process

You will appreciate the fact that in order to complete the short sign up process at PrivacyGuard, your information will only need to be placed into a single form. Many other sites require two or even three different forms to be completed. This is nice since everything is on the same page. Simply pop in all your information and then follow the instructions. There is some identity verification which will need to be completed, generally by answering multiple choice questions (which are based off information from your credit reports, which have been pulled by the company).

After this is finished, arrange payment for your $1, 14-day trial. Then you will be given access to your combined report and scores immediately. You will also be able to browse through the site and examine all of their free resources, tips, and helps.

Pricing Concerns

The price for your PrivacyGuard trial is just $1, for 14-days. This gives you plenty of time to actually read over your combined report, take note of the areas which are helping (and which are not) and start putting their advice into practice. If you do not cancel before those two weeks are up, you will be automatically enrolled into a monthly billing cycle, at just $19.99 every month. Given the huge amount of resources, this seems a pretty reasonable price.

Trial Offer $1 for 14-Day Trial
Monthly Price $19.99

Customer Support

You will find a number of helps available to answer all your questions at the PrivacyGuard website. This includes a comprehensive listing of FAQs along with terms and conditions, privacy policies, and more. They also provide complete contact information, so you can feel free to send an email or give them a call on the phone. Emails can take some time to be answered, but you will usually get a very helpful and intelligent answer. Phone support is quick and also very professional and helpful.

Bottom Line

PrivacyGuard is a well put together website and service that offers everything you need to stay in control of your credit situation. The combined report is very clear and comes with actual personalized recommendations for improvement. Plus, you can also contact real people should you need the help of fraud protection and restoration advice.

Contact Information:

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Stamford, CT 06905

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